About us ?

In the eighties, Australia has been a pioneer by using saltwater chlorination for pools water treatment. Thanks to this expertise and to a background of 11 years, the Australian company KAWANA CHLORINATOR SPARES specialises in compatible cells production. The company now produces more than 20 000 cells distributed all over the world. Interested in offering a cost effective and reliable solution, KAWANA can provide you with a wide range of compatible cells suitable for the most popular brands of saltwater chlorinators. Our cells are exclusively produced from high quality titanium and coating. You will be won over by the quality of our cells and our customer oriented service.

Our product

Our product has been designed so that it equals the originals and in some cases, bettering the originals.  Some features are:

  • Use of solid plates
  • Push In Connectors
  • Locking Rings

All designed for more user friendly applications.


We have a fully equipped tool shop used to manufacture tooling and the development of new products.

Why choose Kawana?

We have a large range of products on hand, making this convenient to order a number of different cells from one location.
We also fill a void if a company producing cells has ceased.

For the quality of our production.