Replacement cells for saltwater chlorinators 

Since 2009, we offer the largest choice of replacement cells. This choice is unsurpassed on the European market. It will allow you to propose a wider range of products.

Today, the treatment by saltwater chlorination of swimming pools is a popular an mature technology. The number of existing salwater chlorinators is more and more important in Europe.

It opens the way to market of renewal consumable, source of profits for any professionnal. The chlorination cell is key part of a complete equipment, it represents a significant budget: up to 60% of the price of a simple chlorinator.

Customers are today more and more aware. The require high value for money products.

KAWANA is your solution to satisfy at the same time their need of quality and their quest for budget control.



We have largest range of products on hand of saltwater chlorinator replacement cells 
– You can easily order a number of different cells from one location with competitive prices !
– We also fill a void if a company producing cells has ceased.
– For the quality of our production